At the onset, a overview of what to expect from session to session is provided as well as some background history and research around the methodology. Then an intake, consent form and session plans are discussed relative to moving forward with further coaching sessions. During the initial session, the client can expect to engage in a pre-talk, whereby the coach determines the best induction/relaxation technique to employ, along with a linking image and music program. Then the client will segue into the actual guided listening program with the facilitator who will ask specific exploratory question to deepen and heighten awareness, insight and extend reflection and engagement with the music program itself. During the listening component, the guide transcribes the session and at session end debriefs and engages the client in a post-talk to help integrate the images, experiences, insights and wonderings into their daily lives. The material that surfaces from session to session becomes the impetus for further discovery and the unearthing of material for awakening and reflection. Clients are encouraged to further integrate and ground their experience by either drawing or writing about what significant images, feelings, experiences, memories and awareness arose over the course of the listening component of the coaching session. Clients are then encouraged to take away their mandala drawings and transcripts to engage in further personal reflection and exploration as their part of their personal work and mental/emotional exercise in establishing insight/mindsight. 

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