- Bunt
"Changes and transformation in our lives can resonate in the symbolic forms of music; in this way, music acts as a 'transformer of shared meaning."

Woman's Wellness Retreat

Sept 16
17, 2017
Join Senses Mindfulness and her tribe of healing facilitators
in offering a space to explore and create wellness and a sense of
renewal in the beautiful Kootenay Valley.  Cost: $250/person
includes snacks and lunch.  Max :  10 registrants Deadline to register: Sept 4th, 2017
via email or phone at info@senseswellness.com or 403-519-1959


Music Assisted Mindfulness by Bonnie
Join Mindfulness Coach Bonnie in two group music assisted mindfulness sessions to engage in an inner journey into yourself, who you are, what wellspring of resources you can tap into and capture to heal yourself from the inside out.  Allow her to assist you in exploring
that inner world of feelings, symbols, metaphor, memories and visions of who you could become in and how to manifest what brings deep meaning and healing for you.  These 1.5 hour mindfulness sessions employ Western classical music, relaxation techniques and images/colors to help each person connect in their own way with the music and what it has to offer them from a healing and supportive perspective.  Each session closes with a debrief and further processing via
mandala drawings which help to capture each person’s unique experience and personal journey into themselves.


Yoga by Paola

Enjoy 2-1 hour yoga sessions with Paola
out in nature, feeling the earth beneath your feet. Experience what it is to be grounded into yourself,
who you are and to take in the healing and cleansing breath of nature as you embark on yoga for wellness by restoring
your energy, gaining clarity of mind and connecting with your body in loving and kind ways that will nourish and heal your whole being.

An optional evening yoga session will be extended to participants to help set the tone for a peaceful and restful sleep.
Be prepared to wear comfortable clothing and do bring a water
bottle, yoga mat, blanket and any bolsters/supports you may need.  Paola gentle and kind approach meets each person where they are at in their
yoga practice and she will support your capacity to listen and respond to your body in gentle and compassionate ways to support your healing
journey where you are at in the moment.



Guided Hikes by Dino
Partake in a meaningful mindful walks and hikes with Dino while you practice mindful walking, hking
and being at one with nature and other like-minded women who are on the journey to their own health and wellness.

Dino’s Eco-journey Co. has fostered outdoor pursuits in the Calgary and
area.  His deep love of learning about and connecting with nature, the earth and world around us in ways that sustain and expand our capacity to
connect with ourselves in meaningful ways is bar none.  
His kind and patient way of responding to the needs of those on the path into themselves
by being at one with nature, fosters deep reflection, being at one with nature, a sense of stillness, wonder and capacity to engage in personal
growth and sense of self in ways that are hands on, experiential and meaning. 2 mindful walks/hikes will be extended to participants over the
course of the weekend will Dino as our gracious guide.



Essential Oils by Kari
Engage in a hands on essential oils workshop with Kari who will emmerse us into the healing benefits of essential oils by Young Living.  She
will share personal healing stories and discuss the multiple uses that essential oils can be used to promote health wellness in one’s life and
will lead us through some practical ways in which to blend various oils with household ingredients to make sunscreens, bug repellent,
antiseptic sprays and even lip balm. Kari is a masterful facilitator and herbal healer that has learned how to use essential oils in her life to
heal herself, her husband, family and friends.



The Artful Mind by Amanda
Steep yourself into the creative hands of Amanda
as she leads us in a workshop that will help us tap into the healing power of the creative arts to promote self-expression,

self-exploration and self-discovery.  She is a skilled artist and teacher who loves to employ art in a mindful way to help
deepen our connection with who we are, what inspires and fills us with joy and play as well as how art can be used to heal the wounded
parts of our self and being.   Like Bonnie, who employs mandala art work as a form of art therapy to further amplify and enhance any

images or experiences evoked during the music and mindfulness sessions, Amanda uses art to help us to become more mindful and in the

moment with ourself.  When we engage in art of any form, the mental chatter stills and we are just in the moment with t
he creative process and our creative muse; affording us the opportunity to connect with our own self of self and expression in a real and authentic way.



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